by Andrey Azimov

Limitless Minimal Colored iOS Icon Set

Customise the look of your iOS homescreen with 178 high resolutions icons (with free lifetime updates as and when I add more icons). Available in light mode, dark mode, brown or any color of your choice. Build your own aesthetic iOS14 home screens.

Base Pack

  • 178 High resolution png icons (1024x1024)

  • Background colors: Black, White, Brown

  • Free lifetime icon updates

Pastel Pack

  • 178 High resolution png icons (1024x1024)

  • Pastel background colors mapped to each app

  • Free lifetime icon updates

Custom Packs

  • Includes everything in Base Pack

  • Share your custom icon color or background color or both for app icons

Once you purchase this you will get the Base Pack immediately via Gumroad. After that you can reply to the same email from Gumroad and send me the hex code of the icon color or background color your prefer, so that I can customise it and send you the latest icon pack

ICONS INCLUDED Default icons

App Store Safari Books Bookmark Camera Calculator Calendar Clock Compass Contacts Email Facetime Find my Folder Health Home iTunes Store Measure Messages Music Maps Notes News Phone Photos Podcasts Reminders Settings Stocks Shortcuts Testflight Voice Memos Watch Weather Wallet Popular apps

AAA Adobe Behance Adobe Lightroom Adobe Photoshop Adobe Rush Adobe Xd Agenda (new) Airbnb Amazon Among Us Apple Asana (new) Authy Basecamp Bear Boomerang (new) Bumble Castro Chrome Clear Coinbase Crunchyroll Darkroom Day one Deliveries (new) Discord Disney+ Doordash Drafts Dropbox DuckDuckGo Ebay Editorial Evernote ESPN Facebook Feedly Figma Fitbit (new) Framer Giphy Gmail Google Google Analytics Google Assistant Google Drive Google Keep Google Photos Github Gitlab Gumroad Halide Hashphotos Hey Hinge Hulu iA Writer (new) Instagram Jour Jira Cloud Kickstarter Lastpass Layout for Instagram Line Messenger Linkedin Lookup LumaFusion Microsoft OneNote Microsoft Teams Messenger Monzo Notebook Notion Netflix Nike Notability (new) Numerics (new) Omniplan Overcast Paypal PCalc (new) Pocket Poolside FM Pokemon Go Postmates Powerschool Peleton Pinterst Primsa (new) Procreate (new) Product Hunt Reddit Robinhood Slack Shopify Snapchat Soundcloud Spotify Stripe Suru Things Tidal TikTok Tinder Tumblr Twitter Twitch Tesla Telegram Trello Uber Unfold Venmo VSCO Waze (new) Weatherline Widgetsmith Whatsapp Yelp YouTube Zoom Other app icons

Airport Analog Basketball Bookmark Bullet Journal Coffee Expenses Ecommerce Gaming Hashtags Passwords Payments QR code Radio RSS Scan Documents Shopping Todo Tickets (new) Translate Video Editor VPN Water