by Andrey Azimov

Fall / Autumn Aesthetic Icon Packs 1

A bundle of 59 icons and widgets and 5 matching wallpapers to chose from. All in a festive autumnal color scheme.

Full List of Icons:

Discord, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, App Store, Procreate, Canvas, YouTube, Gmail / Email, Twitch, Google Chrome, Spotify, Photos-Alt, Settings, Camera, Calendar, Contacts, Phone, Messages, Facebook, Patreon, Safari, WhatsApp, Clock-Light, Clock-Dark, Reminder, Google Maps, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Reddit, Apple Maps, Facetime, Apple Watch, Notes, Notes-Alt, Health, Pokemon Go, Phone, Luminary, Amazon Alexa, Weather

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Here are instructions on how you can add custom app icons to your home screen: