by Andrey Azimov

Animal Crossing (Custom ACNH App Icons)

inspired icon set with a wallpaper!

please credit me if you use these, as these are for personal use ONLY!!!

disclaimer: i do not own acnh, this is just fanart!

twitter acc: @okpng

how to install on iOS14:

✦ unzip folder to collect contents through 'Files'

✦ create shortcuts to change the icons of apps!

✦ shortcuts> create new shortcut > add action: open app > choose app > press three dots at the top right > add shortcut to homescreen > replace icon with custom photo!

✦ please note you will need to make a new shortcut for each app!

video tutorial:

how to install on android:

✦ unzip folder to collect contents

✦ download novalauncher to customise your icons