by Andrey Azimov

420 Pastel Beach Aesthetic iPhone iOS 14 App Icons Bundle | 20 Widget Covers and 4 Backgrounds

Ultimate set of 420 ocean style app covers for your iOS14 iPhone home screen (70 icons in 6 different colours) with 4 matching iPhone backgrounds and 20 widgets images for widgetSmith. Perfect fit for beach days, ocean trips and rainy weather. Includes icons in all ocean colours such as deep blue, pink, purple, grey, marina blue and light blue. Don't hesitate and show off to your friends with a brand new home screen.

⭐️ Included in Purchase ⭐️

  • Guide explaining how to transform your phone (must have iOS14)
  • 20 Widgetsmith Images for your widgets
  • 4 iPhone backgrounds
  • 70 app icons in 6 different colours (Amazon, App Store, Airbnb, Apple, Angry Birds, Bank, Books, Browser, Calculator, Calendar, Camera, Chess, Clock, Contacts, Emoji, Etsy, Facebook, Facetime, Find my Friend, Fitness, Folder, Food Delivery, Foursquare, Health, Home, Instagram, Kickstarter, Kitchen Stories, Leaf, LinkedIn, Mail, Maps, Messages, Messenger, Music, Netflix, News, Notes, PayPal, Phone, Photos, Pinterest, Podcasts, Pokemon Go, Puzzle, Reddit, Reminders, RSS, Settings, Skype, Slack, Snapchat, Spotify, Star, Swarm, Tesla, TestFlight, Tiktok, Tinder, To-Do List, Translator, Tumblr, Twitter, Uber, Wallet, Watch, WeChat, WhatsApp, Weather, Youtube)