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Kitchenbowl is a social community for foodies to share and discover step-by-step photo recipes.
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 Categories: Food & Drink Apps  Social Networking Apps 

 Ratings: 4 out of 5 by 109 users

 Released: November 22, 2014

 Version: 1.4.0 (27.8MB)

 Compatibility: Universal app running on iOS 7.1 or higher

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Kitchenbowl is a social community for foodies to share and discover step-by-step photo recipes.

With Kitchenbowl, you can:
• Easily create and publish step-by-step recipes on your iPhone and share to your social networks
• Discover recipes and photos from the community and follow people who inspire you
• Interact with one another by sharing comments, liking posts, and receiving feedback
• Bookmark recipes that interest you and save to collections you create
• Snap and share your personal rendition of recipes or just inspiring photos of food in general
• Build up your Kitchenbowl profile as your culinary portfolio, and view all of your photos and recipes online
• Be featured for sharing great content!

Need support or just want to get in touch? Email us at: contact@kitchenbowl.com.

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Version notes (1.4.0)

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We've listened to your suggestions! In this new build, you may login with Twitter, browse by categories, and for contributors, link to your blog at the end of your recipes. Improved homescreen features and bug fixes included.